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Invitation Letter 

for Visitor Visa

Invitation Letter for Visitor Visa

Are you Inviting your Parents or Family on a Visitor Visa to this beautiful country "Canada"?

If you are inviting your friend, family or any relative to Canada on a visitor visa, you would need an invitation letter signed in the presence of a Commissioner of Oath, where you would state the reasons for which you are inviting your relative. 


I am a Licensed Paralegal, LSUC and an Authorized Immigration Consultant, ICCRC, who can help you with providing an excellent invitation letter written which will provide all the relevant information, required by the visa officer to issue a visitor visa.


People often try to write the invitation letter by themselves but fail to recognize what is the professional language, which satisfies the visa officer in addressing all the concerns before issuing the visa. Some also try to use the standard template, but again there can be no template which could satisfy or encompass each and every situation.


I will write the letter based on your particular situation or your relatives circumstances, who is living in foreign country and wants to visit Canada to meet you and your family. Your chances of success in the visitor visa application increase greatly with my professional service.



Contact us further for more information.....


Please Note:
As per IRCC guidelines, you shall send the invitation letter along with other supporting documents to the person you are inviting and then the documents should be sent to the Canadian Embassy/Consulate along with the visitor visa application. 
Visitor Visa Invitation letter

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