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Name Change

Application Commissioning


Are you or your family member looking to change your First Name/Middle Name? or any other changes to your birth certificate? then you would need to fill the appropriate form and sign the form in front of the Commissioner of Oath. 


Here are some of the most common reasons people make changes to their names:


  • Marriage

  • Divorce 

  • Some add/remove the middle name to their names after marriage.

  • People often change their first name to make it more simple for others to pronounce or some would change their first name to the name they are often called.

  • Change in their religious beliefs causes people to change their name appropriate to the religion they practice.

  • Sometimes people don't want their middle name which is very difficult to pronounce.

  • In some cultures, it is appropriate to use a more common name or ethnic name as their first name.

  • One of the top most reason is that some just don't like their name and decide to change the name they like to use than what their parents gave them.

  • Mistakes in Birth Record / Birth Certificates. Often people are careless in writing the right spelling of the name of the baby for which they are applying the birth certificate. 


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Name Change Application for Adults or Children, or minor. A name change application needs a commisisoner of oatths etc. for signature at the last. We provide services for Name change application etc.

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